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Monday, 25 August 2014


Something is motivating me to provide a new platform for people to learn Vedic Mathematics. It is a platform that can be scaled to large number of students and teachers. Development of this platform is a bold decision and lot of hard work and financial commitment. The motivation of putting all this effort was to visualization that big improvement is possible in a systemic way. I would be happy  to see that children are improving through this effort and they are becoming real math lovers .

I wish my endeavor motivate parents and teachers to look at Vedic Mathematics option of making their children Math smart. I would be happy to collaborate with other Vedic Mathematics teachers and knowledge providers and make them more efficient.

We would launch the platform for currently followed school mathematics as well. It will equally provide a platform where parents and teachers would clearly know the strength and weakness of skills in terms of speed, accuracy, practice time, practice gap, knowledge gap etc.


My hobby and exploration of Vedic Mathematics was prompting me to bring this knowledge to the masses for their real benefit. It was the call of nature and I decided to develop a software that can clearly demonstrate that children math skills and creativity improve tremendously using Vedic Mathematics. The learning parameters captured in the software are analyzed through data analytics. It was a real hard work to develop this software. My consulting and IT process skills were very useful in making a state of the art product that I intend to expand in so many areas of education.

Software analytics speak the attained learning and give a feel of improvements to the teachers and students.  I do not need to convince subjectively if improvement would be achieved in a child or not. An area which was allways subjective has become objective using technology.

Children who benefit and start enjoying Maths should  speak about Vedic Mathematics. This is a change I would like to pursue. Children creativity is tremendously improved using Vedic Mathematics.


Few years back, after a hectic business trip to India, I was returning to my home in Singapore. As usual, entered into the book shop to add few books to my home library. I generally prefer the books on spirituality and the trigger point came through the displayed book on Vedic Mathematics by Sri Bharti Krsna Tirthaji. 

I immediately recollected my memory of few lectures attended by me at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee by Professor Narinder Puri. I remembered that I had attended these lecture and even pondered "Why Math was not taught this way in schools over 18 years back". A small incidence at the book store ignited the motivation again and for the next few years, I was learning the subject again as my new hobby and even seeking help from the stalwarts in this field. I even got a Teacher's certification in Vedic Mathematics.

This is the birth story of my Vedic Mathematics focus . 

I wish to promote it. I know I can just not do it alone. I wish to train the teachers and who would need to take it further in our society. Students and teachers productivity would be significantly improved using  the created software platform of Math2Shine.


Change is always inevitable in life. It is happening in external world, it is happening in my inner world and it is happening in my own physical body. Everything has changed except the number system given to us by our wise ancestors. The digits in the number system are the same except the way of writing them. 

There is so much innovation in higher maths in last 100 years but elementary math is taught in the same boring way. It offers limited creativity. No one has thought why calculation always flow from smaller number to bigger numbers but we speak numbers from bigger to smaller numbers. Is it not un natural working.

The result of current elementary math education is  boredom. Sooner or later, children forget the math fun and resort to calculator. Calculator probably accelerate the decay of number and math sense. You would realize it in a couple of decades if not immediately. 

I understand that math is not about computation, it is about problem solving, it is about modelling and it is about analyzing. However, number creativity achieved through Vedic Mathematics add to all the above. If a child need to solve 104 X 106, he can do it in 5 different ways in Vedic Mathematics. All these five ways are efficient than the lengthy methods taught in schools. Many of these Vedic Methods provide answer orally without the aid of pen and paper. All of this adds to the creative skills of a child. When a child gain maturity of his coputation skills he can even explore higher mathematics through Vedic way. It provides a platform for maths, qudratics equation, geometry and even books are written about Vedic Mathematics application in astronomy and more efficient computer algorithm designs.

My experience of teaching Vedic Mathematics suggest a potential of remarkable upheaval in the elementry math education in the world. 


I have worked in the corporate world for around 18 years. In the last 18 years, I have been to over 30 countries and consulted more than 100 corporates. At this juncture in life, I decided to do something that adds a value to society..adds value to our future generation..

I used to always wonder " What would be my contribution to society ? Variety of answers always come in my mind.... probably some of these answers are the manifestation of my own ego..and some of the answers are the real call of nature..

The question of working in the corporate world all the time and keep on adding some additional zeros in the bank account may not help in achieve the inner happiness.

There is certainly a deeper meaning to be discovered in my life. It is a thought that I am carrying from the age of 10 years. It is the thought which prompted me to walk on the path of pursuing meditation and try to understand my spiritual existence beyond all shapes and rituals. It is a thought that is making me more confident. It is a thought that is asking me to be disciplines and launch a global platform for Vedic Mathematics and be ready to share it with all other Vedic Matheamtcis knowledge providers.