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Monday, 25 August 2014


My hobby and exploration of Vedic Mathematics was prompting me to bring this knowledge to the masses for their real benefit. It was the call of nature and I decided to develop a software that can clearly demonstrate that children math skills and creativity improve tremendously using Vedic Mathematics. The learning parameters captured in the software are analyzed through data analytics. It was a real hard work to develop this software. My consulting and IT process skills were very useful in making a state of the art product that I intend to expand in so many areas of education.

Software analytics speak the attained learning and give a feel of improvements to the teachers and students.  I do not need to convince subjectively if improvement would be achieved in a child or not. An area which was allways subjective has become objective using technology.

Children who benefit and start enjoying Maths should  speak about Vedic Mathematics. This is a change I would like to pursue. Children creativity is tremendously improved using Vedic Mathematics.

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