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Monday, 25 August 2014


Something is motivating me to provide a new platform for people to learn Vedic Mathematics. It is a platform that can be scaled to large number of students and teachers. Development of this platform is a bold decision and lot of hard work and financial commitment. The motivation of putting all this effort was to visualization that big improvement is possible in a systemic way. I would be happy  to see that children are improving through this effort and they are becoming real math lovers .

I wish my endeavor motivate parents and teachers to look at Vedic Mathematics option of making their children Math smart. I would be happy to collaborate with other Vedic Mathematics teachers and knowledge providers and make them more efficient.

We would launch the platform for currently followed school mathematics as well. It will equally provide a platform where parents and teachers would clearly know the strength and weakness of skills in terms of speed, accuracy, practice time, practice gap, knowledge gap etc.

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