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Monday, 25 August 2014


Few years back, after a hectic business trip to India, I was returning to my home in Singapore. As usual, entered into the book shop to add few books to my home library. I generally prefer the books on spirituality and the trigger point came through the displayed book on Vedic Mathematics by Sri Bharti Krsna Tirthaji. 

I immediately recollected my memory of few lectures attended by me at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee by Professor Narinder Puri. I remembered that I had attended these lecture and even pondered "Why Math was not taught this way in schools over 18 years back". A small incidence at the book store ignited the motivation again and for the next few years, I was learning the subject again as my new hobby and even seeking help from the stalwarts in this field. I even got a Teacher's certification in Vedic Mathematics.

This is the birth story of my Vedic Mathematics focus . 

I wish to promote it. I know I can just not do it alone. I wish to train the teachers and who would need to take it further in our society. Students and teachers productivity would be significantly improved using  the created software platform of Math2Shine.

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